How Many Cups of Instant Coffee Can You Drink in a Day?

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If you are anything like us, starting your day off with coffee is the only way to go. The morning fog usually starts to lift after your second cup, and then you are ready to begin those morning tasks. Throughout the day, as you go back to refill your mug, you may be asking, how many cups of instant coffee can you drink in a day?

Drinking more than six cups of coffee a day will increase the risk of heart disease by 22%. Caffeine intake should not cause damage as long as you stay within the six-cup limit. Caffeine overdoses can cause hallucinations, vomiting, and convulsions.

Coffe definitely affects our body and mind, and it is possible to have too much of a good thing. If you’re interested in how your coffee intake is affecting your body, read on to learn more about the effects of coffee on your body and health.

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Many studies about the effects and consequences (both positive and negative) of coffee intake seem to be on opposites ends from each other. There is an abundance of studies that state that a cup or two of coffee a day is not only acceptable but actually holds great benefits. On the other hand, some studies show results of negative effects on coffee drinkers.

While finding more research about coffee intake, we found a forum which was discussing the limit of coffee intake. Kirk A. J. stated,

“The general consensus among medical researchers and medical scientists—as well as physicians and scientifically trained dieticians—is that coffee is not harmful to the average human being and can even be healthful in some situations. 1–3 cups of coffee a day is considered neutral to even “good” for you. More than 4 cups is still being evaluated as “???” because it seems to be good for some folks, of little to no impact on some people, but troublesome for others.”

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As long as you moderate your coffee intake, and do not exceed the six cup limit a day, you should be fine.

Benefits of Coffee

Among the obvious energy boost that coffee gives to its drinkers, there are some other great benefits to drinking coffee.

Coffee and Diabetes

Coffee can decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes.

In 2014, a study was conducted where data was gathered on over 48,000 people on the effect coffee had on type 2 diabetes. Results showed that those who consumed at least one cup of coffee per day over 4 years lowered their risk for type 2 diabetes by 11% compared to those who did not consume coffee.

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Coffee and Parkinson’s Disease

Caffeine, which is found in abundance in coffee, is shown to protect against Parkinson’s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

A study in 2017 suggested a link between increased coffee intake and a lower risk of Parkinson’s Disease. This is even true for those who smoke. Their results also showed that coffee drinkers may be less likely to experience cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s. It can even lower the risk for depression.

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Another study discovered that men who drink four cups of coffee a day are 5 times less likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease compared to those who do not. A study from 2012 used coffee intake as a treatment to improve movement in those afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease.

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Coffee and Liver Cancer

Coffee can dramatically lower the risk for liver cancer as well. An Italian study showed that regular coffee intake can lower the risk for liver cancer by 40%. In some cases, the results concluded that those who drank 3 cups of coffee a day could lower their risk by 50%.

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Coffee and Other Liver Diseases

Coffee has shown a great ability to lower liver diseases and cancer in many studies. In 2017, a meta-analysis conducted a study that concluded that consuming coffee appeared to reduce the risk of liver cancer, cirrhosis, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Those who are regular coffee drinkers may also have a lower risk for gallstone disease. A study from 2014 suggested a link between coffee intake and lowering the risk of dying from nonviral hepatitis-related cirrhosis. The results from this study suggested that those who drink two or more cups of coffee daily can reduce their risk by 66%.

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Coffee and Heart Health

In moderation, coffee can decrease the risk of heart failure. This positive effect can easily be reversed by intaking too much. There is a fine line of moderation for this benefit.

Studies have been conducted which show and suggest a link between those who drink one to two cups of coffee a day and a lower risk of heart failure. Some other studies have results that suggest that small amounts of caffeine have benefits for your heart health.

Drawbacks of Coffee

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the benefits of intaking coffee, it is only fair for us to view some of the negative side effects of consuming too much coffee.

Heart Disease

As previously discussed, drinking more than six cups of coffee in a day can increase your risk for heart disease by 22%. Exceeding six cups of coffee may also increase your risk for higher blood pressure.

Caffeine Withdrawal

You may have experienced the unpleasant and painful headache which comes when you attempt to complete your daily tasks without your normal cup of coffee. This is a sign of caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine withdrawal also has other common negative side effects, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Drowsiness

A caffeine withdrawal is not just linked to coffee intake. Those who regularly drink energy drinks and caffeinated sodas also are subject to experiencing caffeine withdrawal.

Caffeine Overdose

While it is rare, some dedicated coffee drinkers experience caffeine overdose. This can be a dangerous experience. This can end in convulsions and in some cases death. Symptoms for caffeine overdose include:

  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting

These side effects can be minimized or avoided altogether as long as you don’t drink too much coffee each day! Stay within reasonable limits and you can enjoy all of the tasty benefits without any of the drawbacks.

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Shmulik Dorinbaum

40 years old, from the age of 20 when I left the army until today, I drink more than 4 cups of coffee, only instant coffee, so I decided to write about my great passion that occupies me most of the day

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40 years old, from the age of 20 when I left the army until today, I drink more than 4 cups of coffee, only instant coffee, so I decided to write about my great passion that occupies me most of the day

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